The Gold Tunnel System utilises the RISE System (Ruler-Individual-Supporter-Expert), which is a decision-making process analysis system based on defining one's personality, behaviour, and motivation. RISE was first used in the international business sector 18 years ago, and due to years of success (and because of the founders' love and passion for sports), the system was adapted for use in sports

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When choosing the right sporting discipline, nurturing talent, or choosing sports for children and youngsters, it is of paramount importance to get to know the characteristics of the body, support physical development, and preserve one's health. One of the fundamental pillars of the Gold Tunnel System is composed of the medical assessment and the result-based evaluations written by professionals.

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What is a top athlete's aim? To push their limits higher and higher, to perform better in competitions, to achieve better results by maximizing their performance, to defeat any opponent, and therefore, to win bigger and shinier trophies.


The Gold Tunnel System focusses on the period before competing, which is much shorter and more stressful, but also more exciting. The 'Tunnel' represents the path that leads to the battlefield (or the place of competition) where the athlete has to compete. This path needs to be complemented by exact measurements and assessments in order to tailor the athlete's motivation accordingly. It is essential that the system offers quick results, so we do not have to wait years for results. The Tunnel's final stop is the competition itself, the period right before it, so time is a factor that makes it really close to stepping onto to the 'battlefield'

The Gold Tunnel System evaluates, develops, motivates and energizes based on two fundamental pillars of athletic success. One pillar is the athlete's hereditary characteristics: physiology, physical limits, performance potential, and the management thereof. The other pillar is the individual's psyche, which makes it possible to maximise his or her physical abilities. The Gold Tunnel System measures these two pillars with the most modern tools available. The unique medical assessment and the in-depth mental analysis work together to provide an exact breakdown of the athlete's potential. It shows the athlete how to mitigate their weaknesses, improve their strengths, utilise their strengths to achieve their goals, and what kind of motivational elements they need to maximise their potential. Moreover, it provides guidelines concerning the circumstances, development programmes, and exact training plans the athlete needs. For team sports, it measures the harmony among the individuals and the possibilities of creating it. It evaluates the trainer-competitor, trainer-parent, athlete-parent, and teammate relationships. It concentrates on upcoming generations, building the sporting career of an athlete, including reaching the peak.

In summary, the Gold Tunnel System is a framework for applying black and white, sincere assessments of an athlete's present and future capabilities, while also showing the exact path to achieve their full potential.

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Becoming and staying a top athlete is a continuation of the yellow brick road that contains the most bumps and difficulties, but can also be a promising stage that has the most success. The tests, assessments, and professional expertise provided by Gold Tunnel System give relevant information as to: how the athletes can achieve top performances, how they can perform well in competitions, to what extent they can rely on their psychological strength, and what kind of role they need to fill in a team or community.

The coaches can find out on which player they can build the major elements of the game in team sports; moreover, they have the chance to learn the athletes' decision-making mechanisms, motivations, and influence points. Top athletes need outstanding cognitive skills, but knowledge of their senses, negotiation and decision-making skills, self-confidence, helpfulness, and risk appetite are also important. The tests and assessments of Gold Tunnel System provide small but important bricks of the road and can provide that little extra push that can make all the difference between success and failure in a competition.